Forget all that talk of a four-day Bank Holiday filled with nothing but rest & relaxation!

Today saw the launch of the latest JWDC online project, namely the new website for television presenter, Rachel Pierman whose next major commission following on from her successes in the past presenting live shows for five (Brainteaser and Memory Bank) is the new series of ITV1’s quiz show: Divided.

The launch of has been timed to coincide seamlessly with the launch of the new series of Divided this coming Tuesday 06 April at 5.00pm, and we’re all absolutely thrilled with the look and performance of the new website and all it offers. It should prove to be  a real resource for Rachel as the days, weeks and months unfold.

As well as her current Feature Showreel (available to view on nearly every page), the new site features Mini-Showreel clips, Voice Promos, Voicereels and Gallery pics as well as information on the Business Presenting Courses Rachel also been involved in setting up & running recently.

2010 looks set to be another positive year for JWDC and we’d just like to say a huge “thank you” to all the bright young things behind the scenes who have helped towards the release of this latest project.

Nothing like the release of a new website design to send us into egg-stacy over Easter!…