Earlier this week we did a spot of overhaulin’ on the website we designed for Norfolk-based garden designer Clare Agnew. Last year Clare was persuaded to invest in some third-party ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ by a company we’d never come across before.

Being only too willing to accommodate the wishes of a valued client, we duly gave the search engine consultancy access to Clare’s site but were not best pleased to see that part of their SEO ‘solution’ was to add a hyperlink on every page of a carefully crafted design which did little more than lead back to their own website!?!…

Clare monitored the promised success of the search engine specialist’s involvement over the course of a year and experienced no elevation in her Google rankings whatsoever, despite paying a monthly fee and allowing the SEO company to add unwanted, intrusive & unnecessary data to her website.

Needless to say our latest round of updates removed all reference to the search engine ‘specialists’ concerned – all their involvement appeared to achieve was increase search engine recognition of their own company!

There are many factors involved in enhancing SEO performance in the current climate but clients should be warned that letting a so-called ‘specialist’ company adapt your website to allow brazen promotion of their own company, products and services is not one of them: as a rule of thumb, there should be no need to have anything overt on your website which promotes SEO – all the key effort on this front is in the back-end of the build.

Now updated by JWDC, www.clareagnew.co.uk is once again helping our client promote her bespoke garden design service to a wide and varied clientele nationwide – feel free to check it out for yourself!…