As design & branding consultants, we aim to: ‘raise the perceptions of who you are and what you do…’ and in today’s ever-competitive markets the importance for clients to ensure they communicate effectively across the full spectrum of media has never been greater.

Historically, clients had to make considerable investment to make sure consumers were aware of their very existence. The commission of effective design was only the beginning of the process; the commission of printed brochures, leaflets and all manner of associated literature was also key to ensuring consumers were aware of who they were and what they were offering.

We certainly don’t follow the belief that the printed word will one day disappear, such will be the demand by people to have something tangible to touch, admire and engage with which is not a glowing electronic tablet (take note Mr Jobs!); however, it is now a given that we expect any organisation who wishes to engage with us to communicate their message using a combination of printed and digital media to ensure we receive all they have to say and in a format which is convenient to us.

Many might bemoan the fact they do not have time to sit and read a newspaper on a daily basis but more of us are being kept abreast of key information via a variety of soundbites or ‘stings’ whenever we open our web-based email account or interact with a handheld device. The costs associated with uploading to these media streams are, generally, much smaller and, arguably, more all-encompassing than any printed mailshot campaign could ever hope to be. The major advantage of communicating via viral email , website banner advertising, blogs, social network sites, etc is that clients can control the liquidity of their campaign on a regular basis – there is no such things as ‘real waste’ in the electronic Trash can!

At JWDC we have an absolute passion for design and count ourselves fortunate to work with clients who recognise the true value of investment in considered and appropriate design to improve the way in which they communicate.

Creating memorable logos, brand and corporate identities is only a part of what we do; ensuring those marques endorse well-designed & produced stationery, brochures, reports, adverts and associated printed collateral, websites, viral emails, blogs, packaging, signage and exhibition stands ensures that those we work with communicate in a way which lets them stand side by side with those considered to be at the very top of their market sector.

Take a good look through the Graphics and Digital Media sections of this blog-site and see how we go about achieving success for those we work with…