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Elephant Rose is the brand name created by JWDC for a team of film producers, presenters and high-level investors who spotted a space in the market for a specialist film production company which would provide bespoke film coverage of celebrity/society weddings and high-profile events.

Having been tasked with coming up with a Brand Name, Visual Identity, associated Marketing Collateral and Website for the venture. Elephant Rose came from the French for ‘Pink Elephant’ – the logic behind it being little more scientific than that if you ever came across such a thing you’d be unlikely to forget it! And our wacky/wealthy clients loved it!…

Still very much in the pre-launch phase with Stationery (above) only recently produced, this exciting new company has already secured a host of enquiries for the broadcast-quality range of service it offers. Watch this space for news of ongoing developments!…


After many hours spent pondering, debating, deliberating, archive-trawling, creating, copywriting, programming and testing we were delighted last Friday to – finally! – unveil the most serious overhaul to the core JWDC website in quite some time (like so many creatives, we’re guilty of concentrating on doing great client work than blowing our own trumpet!).

The latest incarnation of features a vast array of newly-featured work across all core areas of the business – plus a brand new edition of our downloadable PortfolioJWDC2012_Portfolio. No need to say any more here; go check it out for yourselves – and a big thanks to everyone involved in the design & creation of this latest rendering of our online presence, especially Martin – top man, CodeGeeza!