New Dolphin Visual Identity

Having created the initial Visual Identity for Dolphin Television almost eight years ago (see example below), last week JWDC unveiled an update to the Dolphin marque (above) which now features a glamorous new three-dimensional Chromium Light rendering of the core symbol which replaces the distinctive but more sedate 2D look that has been in existence since 2002.

An important part of Dolphin’s repositioning was to lose the logotype which previously sat beneath the dolphin symbol, supremely confident was the client that their brand had permeated every level of the media world they inhabit that customers would instantly recognise the company behind the shimmering new 3-dimensional shape. For those rare occasions when a liquid-metal incarnation of the new Visual Identity may not be strong enough for maximum recognition (eg Hospitality Events, Conferences, TV Idents, etc) a range of coloured-metallic versions of the symbol was developed:-

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Plans are to unveil the new marque across the client’s Website, Auction Site, Stationery Suite, Merchandise and Signage with JWDC playing an important role as Brand Guardians to ensure accurate & faithful reproduction of this carefully crafted and very dynamic visual identity.

See more examples of the quality design work produced by JWDC at: