Thanks to a kind word from old friend, writer Dan Mygind, my photography portfolio found it’s way onto the desk of the Editor of Danish IT magazine Prosabladet and within days Dan and I were on location in the Blind Spot Bar in St Martin’s Lane Hotel, Covent Garden for an interview (Dan) and shoot (me) with Mar Cabra, one of the leading lights at the company behind the exposée of the Panama Papers…

Some great design/layout by the Prosabladet creative team ensured my portraits were showcased to their very best: thanks guys!


One of the most romantic of football competitions in the world has to be the UK’s FA Vase (formerly The Amateur Trophy), a competition run by The FA and open to every registered Englsih team at the lower end of the semi-professional/amateur non-league pyramid (Step 5 and below). With the FA Vase Final usually held as a Wembley showpiece in early May each year (for 2015/16 both the FA Vase Final and FA Trophy Final are to be held on the same day, Sunday 22nd May, creating a new FA initiative: Non-League Finals Day) the chance for staff, players & supporters of two non-league clubs to have a ‘pinch-me’ day out at the home of football really is the stuff of boyhood dreams!

To help promote attendance at the latter stages of the 2014/15 and 2016/16 FA Vase competition, JWDC created a series of generic and team-specific posters which featured the work of dedicated non-league photographers David Bauckham, Andy Nunn and Jake Whiteley (yes, that Jake Whiteley!).





JW15_FAVSF1_AFCSA_210315_HR_W12cmsJW15_FAVSF1_HTFC_210315_HR_W12cmsThe creative work behind the initiative (see above and below) has been incredibly well-received by participant clubs and general football followers alike and has featured greatly across social media platforms in the weeks/days leading up to games from the 5th Round onwards.

If you’d like JWDC to create something specifically for you and/or your organisation, please contact Jake Whiteley directly via 07841 26 26 04 or

Smooth Monitor PC ComputerLocal non-league footie club, Spalding United FC, have embraced all we’ve done for them since the beginning of the 2012/13 season with a real passion – the same passion you’d expect to see from a club looking to go places (and all without the largesse of a Russian/Middle-Eastern magnate at the helm, it should be said!)…

Regardless of whether we’re working for a top Premiership club (see examples of work done in past years for Chelsea FC on the JWDC website) or one from the Chromasport & Trophies United Counties League Premier Division(!), we apply the same level of enthusiasm, skill and commitment that has helped this particular small-town club to reach No 21 in the Pitchero rankings (out of 4,000 football clubs and 20,000 sports clubs) as recently as 11 February 2013.

Bespoke customisation of the core website canvas, combined with regular population of News/Match Reports/Photo-Gallery/Player Profile sections has seen Spalding United promote themselves on the sort of footing one would normally associate with a club like Manchester City rather than Shepshed Dynamo! Lots more work to do here: Posters, Desktop Wallpapers (see screenshots), Signage, Matchday Programme re-design Interaction in the Community campaigns and Sponsorship Promotion packs are all ongoing or in the pipeline!…


Smooth Monitor PC Computer


…since we interacted with our blog and let everyone know what we’ve been up to!

Rest assured some serious hours will be set aside in the coming weeks to let y’all know what’s been keeping us so busy this past twelve months – not finding/making time to update our own blog is pretty inexcusable when we push the value in keeping a steady stream of updates to our clients: time to practice what we preach – stay tuned!…

Above is one of a multitude of web concepts aimed at creating a dominant online presence for a bespoke tailoring start-up; in the final event, having embraced the Visual Identity we created (below), they chose to shop elsewhere for their website – check out to see what beat us (and that’s been ‘Coming Soon’ since October 2012!) and decide for yourselves which you think works best – as the old saying goes: ‘You can lead a horse to water…’…


Elephant Rose is the brand name created by JWDC for a team of film producers, presenters and high-level investors who spotted a space in the market for a specialist film production company which would provide bespoke film coverage of celebrity/society weddings and high-profile events.

Having been tasked with coming up with a Brand Name, Visual Identity, associated Marketing Collateral and Website for the venture. Elephant Rose came from the French for ‘Pink Elephant’ – the logic behind it being little more scientific than that if you ever came across such a thing you’d be unlikely to forget it! And our wacky/wealthy clients loved it!…

Still very much in the pre-launch phase with Stationery (above) only recently produced, this exciting new company has already secured a host of enquiries for the broadcast-quality range of service it offers. Watch this space for news of ongoing developments!…